The Brina Collections

The Brina Collections

The Brina Collections

Keeps Your Bottles Chilled For Hours!


No More Messy Ice Buckets!


Perfect Host + Hostess Gift!


Three Sizes: Wine, Sparkling & Water/Beer


Made in Italy

Romanticismo Regale
- Royal Romance

Romanticismo Regale is an Italian courtly love story. It’s Puccini in the evening. And the breath between sips of wine.

For those who love metallic shine these BRINAs will bring a regal pour to your dining experience. Grand Italian Villas + palaces have been adorned with the metal since Romulus found the city of Rome with golden chalices adorning their tables.

Romanticismo Regale is an elegant wrap perfect for a special bottle of wine just waiting to be poured.

Il Serpente
- The Snake

If temptation is a serpent then our Il Serpente BRINA will surely tempt you to pour another glass.

Sleek + sophisticated, and let’s not forget practical, Il Serpente will beautify the table with its refined style while keeping your wine the perfect drinking temperature.

Il Serpente comes in Gold, White, Midnight Black and Silver Twilight

La Scintilla
- The Sparkle

If every night is New Year’s Eve then La Scintilla is the BRINA for you!

La Scintilla is always the life of the party + will add a bit of pizazz to the room no matter what you’re pouring.

La Scintilla sparkles in Gold, Silver, Black, Midnight Black and Italian Confetti.

Il Coccodrillo
- The Crocodile

An Italian professor named Frederico Fanti recently discovered the fossil of the largest saltwater crocodile ever to swim the seas. It had skeletal busting teeth that could shred bone and lived about 130 million years ago during the age of the dinosaur. Fanti named it Machimosaurus rex. It was a killer.

We like to think Il Coccodrillo kills it with this crocodile print + will bring a bit of exoctic fun to your pour.

Il Coccodrillo comes in Midnight Black, Snow White or Cherry Red.

Le Piccole Onde
- The Little Waves

Each summer, the quiet waters of the Mediterranean remind us that there is always time to stop + take a moment to reflect on life’s beauty.

Le Piccole Onde is a tribute to Italian beaches + good times with good friends. It’s to remember that a great memory is more important than a thing. That people and moments are what bond us together. Let’s make little waves together.

These little waves come in Gold, Silver, Rose, White and Black.

La Lucertola
- The Lizard

Did someone see that lizard?

Podarcis sicula aka The Italian Wall lizard, is one of those critters that just seem to be scurrying everywhere in Italy so we’ve dedicated this cosmopolitan BRINA La Lucertola to this ubiquitous Italian reptile.

La Lucertola is available in Taupe, Midnight Black and Pearl.

Spina di Pesce
- Herringbone

The Romans called it “Opus spicatum.” Yes, it’s been around that long! Herringbone is an ancient Italian interlocking pattern with the oldest known piece of fabric traced to Northern Italy. The Italian literally translates to “fish spine” and no wonder – when you look closely you can see their bony ridges.

Herringbone is a sophisticated style and will not only grace your table with a smart flair but will keep your bottle chill the entire meal. No more messy ice buckets when you can have Spina di Pesce BRINA on your table.

Herringbone comes in Gold and Silver.

La Giungla
- The Jungle

Sometime around 50 BC the Romans started raiding far away lands and brought back exotic animals to Rome to both fight in the arena + live in private personal zoos. These fantastical animals were symbolic of Rome’s greatness and for centuries Italians have been fascinated with wild beasts.

This collection La Giungla is dedicated to everyone with a wild side!

La Giungla includes Cheetah, Leopard and Zebra (coming soon!)

Vernice Opaca
- Dry Paint

For those looking for a more sophisticated pour, the Vernice Opaca is a matt finished dash of subtle color. Perfect for a rooftop garden party or dropping by your best friend’s house for a fireside catch-up; these insulated wine sleeves will keep your bottles the perfect temperature for hours.

Vernice Opaca means dry paint + comes in Cranberry Red, Royal Blue, Matt White, and Matt Black.

Vernice Fresca
- Wet Paint

Pop the cork with a pop of color! Think picnics in the park, blankets on the beach or drinks on a boat. Good times with great friends, laughter and a great meal.

Vernice Fresca means wet paint and this BRINA captures the sparkle of a sunlit picnic with these brightly colored glossy insulated wine sleeves. BRINA will keep your bottle the perfect temperature for hours no matter how hot it is outside.

The Vernice Fresca comes in Cherry Red, Cobalt Blue, Snow White, Midnight Black and Emerald Green.